We purchased a dining set last February. Our set arrived and we quickly noticed that the table split on the ends.

We spoke to levins and made arrangements for the delivery of a second table. Table #2 arrived in a few weeks. This table did not even make it off the delivery truck. It, too, was defective.

Now we were speaking with levins for table #3. After waiting through a lengthy process from manufactures across the globe, table #3 arrived in late July. Levins credited us $200 for our inconvenience. We were satisfied and happy to put this issue to bed.

Just last week, early January of the following year, we have noticed splits in both ends of the table. No big deal, we will call levins & they will take care of us....wrong! After a lengthy and tedious process of being bounced between the store and corporate office we were left with few options and to feel we were in the wrong about our situation. The company was unwilling to find us a set of comparable style, and unwilling to refund our full purchase price.

They expressed no concern about the entire year we endured this process, the numerous calls and trips to the store because of their constant bouncing between store and home office style of customer service. This company continued to sell this well known defective table to other customers all the while. This company has no regard for paying customers' money, time, or convenience.

I will never spend another dime with this company and will happily share with my story to anyone who will listen. Poor product, even worse service!

Review about: Levin Furniture Table.

Monetary Loss: $1387.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #592622

Levins made it right. Thank you.

to Anonymous Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, United States #950432

How did Levin make it right? Speak English please.

Are you stating that they did not produce the furniture? I'm certain everyone reading these complaints knows that Levin doesn't manufacture the *** they sell. But if they sell it, they should stand behind it. If you purchased a new car and the dealer pulled a stunt like Levin's does, even though they didn't manufacture the car, I'm betting that you would be highly irritated and would probably sue.

You wouldn't be able to sue the manufacturer without incurring thousands of dollars in legal fees, so who would you sue?

That's what I thought. Some people have no common sense I guess by opening their mouths before they think about what they are about to say.

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